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This is an adult website. If you are under the age of 18, please leave.. We are not Phishing/Malware site. Please enjoy our site without any webtraps This website has complies with all aspects of the Japanese 2257 law.

◆10%OFF on purchase UP to 8000JPY! 15% OFF on purchases over 13000JPY


*** Help

For Visa/Master 3D online pin payment.

Sorry about your inconvenience. Currently, all of Japanese payment has been rejected about Foreign VISA/Master payment about porn.
Now only AMEX is available. That is not our problem, all japanese payment processors has been refused to VISA/Master payment by Banks. We can't change VISA/Master rules.
Barely, we could find just one payment processor is available VISA/Master, but we don't know it will be stopped in the future.
However, this payment is not positive to accept foreign cards, so they have only Japanese payment screen.
Then here is our English translation of their payment screenshot. Please see if you have trouble or use automatic translator of browser.
After proceeding to confirmation, you must put Online Pin that you set on your credit card web account as 3D secure code.
So you must create your credit card account and allow 3D secre pin for web payment.

What is 3D secure?
-It is online pin as same as the pin that you use at real market and restaurant payment.
Now signature is slightly changing to this digit type pin for online shopping too.
How can I use it?
-Usually you must apply in your creditcard company or bank. please contact your creditcard support behind the card.

Purchasing With
Mobile and Problem of Apple Products

Feb 2019 - iOS (Apple iPhones and iPads only) cannot download our authorised zipped files.

If you want to access our files, please do not try to do so with
iPhones or iPads. You can use Apple Mac laptops or desktops. Android and PCs are not affected. Please note our hosting is based in Japan so downloads in the EU/USA
or other contents beyond Asia may take some times.

About purchasing

Our movies are encoded as mp4.(full HD).Playback is available on smartphones/tablets, apple/android after unzipping and uploading to your mobile.
(Please get unzip application on itune or google play)
Files are basically cut by scene.(not .rar) some bigger scenes are over 1Gb file size in which case download time can be longer..

Our Full HD bit rate is high quality for PC, some older or less powerful smartphones may not playback video smoothly. Please try higher spec mobiles.

Movie Players

You need any movie player which can playback mp4 or Windows Media player to watch.Now we recommend PowerDVD for 4K/HD/DVD/wifi casting on smartTV


Play our sample to check if your Media Player works.

4K 3840×2160(MP4)Zipped Sample(QFHD16:9) 1920x1080(MP4)Zipped Sample(Original FullHD16:9) 1920x1080(MP4)Zipped SD to FHD Upconverted(FullHD16:9)

About our 4K(QHFD)Movie
Our 4K movies are mp4 based QFHD3840x2160 pixels that was recorded by 4K cameras.
We encoded by h265 encoder for 8K as high quality but half of size from Full HD h264.
But the file sizes are still twice of FHD files. They are usually over 1.5G or 2.7G byte size.
So you must check your broadband connection with high bandwidth, high speed wi-fi or not.
Strongly we don't recommend to download 4K by mobile internet, or USA, EU region that is very far from Japan.
Some of mobile player can't allow to unzip over 1G byte files, so you must be carful about it.
The application and 4K player are pretty changeable recently, so we can't say which application is the best for 4K.

The pixel difference between 2K and 4K(Normally movie will be played to be fit for your display size)

smp01 smp01

View Original Size

smp01 smp01

All files are unlimited to play without DRM system. you can enjoy whenever. You can Download for 14days after your purchase.


[step1: How to buy?]
1,To choose the title you want and click " add cart" button.


[step2: see cart and buy]
When you chose items, you can see the cart and title you clicked, If you want to buy it, click "buy credit card" button. If you want other items, click "Back to item page" button.
[step 3: delete]
If you choose the item you don't want, click the "delete" button.


[step4: purchasing]
After clicking "buy credit card". you will proceed to billing page.Then, enter you your billing information to,Click "購入 (Order)"button just one time to purchase.We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, JCB and AMEX.


[step 5: get PW]
When your purchase is successful, you will get a confimation e-mail containing your password and purchase notice.This mail is very important. because it indicates yourID, password and http address from which todownload movie files.Please keep it safe.

If you can't find your confimation e-mail, please check the spam.Some of ISP outside of Japan have strong spam filter settingsbr and provent it from being downloaded from the mail server. pay attention.

[step6: download movie]
Each movie is separated into a few 300MB-1G files which are 20-60 minutes in length.Your billing e-mail indicates the URL list to download movies which you bought.When you click each adress, Id and password will be requested before you download.[Notice]Please input your ID and password correctly, it is CAPS sensitive.

While it is JPT(GMT+9) 23:00-1:00, we often get huge traffic. so if your download speed is getting slow, please retry later.

If your ID and password are correct, you can see the window to download movie file and save it on your computer.

*The download period is 7 days from your purchase date. You need to download within 7 days after being billed.
After 7 days you will no longer be able to download purchased items. Even in this case, we will not refund your purchase or respond to complaints regarding this.
(Except for in the case of technical problems on our end, such as the website goes down.)
*Each movie files will need a differant ID and password to download.

[Refund Policy]

*You must agree with our terms and conditon to allow our refundation/cancel policy.

*Basically We can't refund once you buy/download movies except our system errors.

milky-cat.com/milkycat.com terms and condition

[About credit card billing]

Our credit card payment system is processed through an entrusted Japanese billing campany.
JCB and AMEX are accepted.
VISA, MASTER, DINERS are not accepted about porn from overseas.

[SSL protection] All of your your personal information is protected by an SSL digital security system. We pride our self in safe billing and privacy.

[Still you have trouble?]

Contact Us with your name, mail address, purchase date.