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8%OFF on purchase UP to 8000JPY! 10% OFF on purchases over 14000JPY


The Facial Carnival of Schoolgirl Hiyori Kawashima

update: 2018.3.2
total time: 60min
category: Only web
title No: SP-15
price: 4000JPY
rate: 5Mbps
size: 1920x1080
File Type: MP4

------ ファイルサイズ ------

zipファイル数 01 02
HD 1.39 GB 771 MB

This is the one that Shiruou took in 2001 for Semen Champion Carnival by M's Video Group. Hiyori Kawashima was not famous so far but she became one of Bukkake Landmark for Japanese young porn funs in 2000's. we really want to say how the thick bukkake facial in this title. Great, thick, and tons of Sperm on her cute face. in this championship, only the first prize has been anounced(Kazuhiko Matsumoto's one) so not officially, but we know the inside, this title was the number2 as 2nd prize. Shirou was not positive to attend this competition because Matsumoto betrayed a lot in 90s about comic, trades, and threat to sell milky-cat's video monopoly when Shiruou's startup. (in 2018, he was arrested as threat with Jp gang,) So just one this time, Shiruou attended this conmpetion negatively. It means Shiruou took this video pretty easy, as for 5 hours. The competition rule was all shoot must be taken by 9000USD(1USD-110). Hiyori performed only 50minutes in this movie. in2017, the original film remained, so we re-edit, put digital mosaic, and finally Full HD upgrade encoding for our old funs to remind good bukkake era. Original Package(VHS) the price was around 5000-8000Yen, We offer this HD film as good deal for funs.

Original Package of VHS

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