FAQ(Check before contact)

●I couldn't get ID,PWmail.

Over 1 hour after purchased, If you can't get any e-mail or only purchasing mail,

→Can you find the e-mail from milky-cat.com in your SPAM folder?
→Did you purchased by free mail adress, aol.com,yahoo.com or others?

For ex, aol.com uses very strong sapm blocker. so you never get any
auto reply mail from .com or others from ISP mail server.
then you need to check or ask your ISP about SPAM setting.
if you already purchased, please mail us.

●My ID and password are unable to logon and download.(internet explorer)

From Internet explorer8, it doesn't accept "copy/paste" on Authorization Form.
Then you should type your ID and password yourself in the basic authorization form very carefully.
We don't know why this change or trouble occur. please contact microsoft.com.
or if you don't mind, please change your browser
like firefox or google chrome except internet explorer.

●The movie can't be played smooth.

→Japan Time 23:00~1:00 is at huge traffic hours then please retry later.

Our HD movie or high quality movie need a lot of CPU capacity.
high CPU needs high power supply, so if you use lap top or
old law spec CPU PC, movies are not played smoothly.
if you can change your memory or computer, please try it.


→Please check the underneath of membership instruction page and do it yourself.

●Available 30days. When or Which time does it expires exactly?.

→ When you joined at am1:00 in1st march, your ID is available by 23:59 in 30th marach. (japan time)
EX2)When you joined at am1:00 in 1st february, your ID is available by 23:59 in 2nd march (28days in a month).
Your rebill will be in 3rd march morning. for next rebill after 2nd march, your rebill is in 2nd april .
You should consider to timegap between japan and your home country.
Our billing schedule depends on bank business schedule between japan and other country.

●I failed signup or VIP sginup. my credit card has no problem or new card. can you help?

→ milkycat.com is Japanese website and porn type content, so some of oversea bank card blocks your signup that
it looks illegal payment. this happens especially EU/USA credit card. a lot of credit card are jointed your bank account,
so conservative banks block unusual signup easily. if you are rejected a lot of times,
please contact "your credit card company or bank" first to allow your oversea billing for japanese website.
you don't need to describe you wanna signup porn content. we can't control your bank system.
Especially our VIP signup is just after standard member's sginup. so please signup after a few minute.
if you blocked only VIP signup, it should be your creditcard illegal payment protection locks your creditcard.
and our billing company ET will lock your payment after 5times VIP rejected too. please contact us when you are locked.

●Others or Still have trouble?


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