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FB-26/FBR-26 Bukkake T-Girl Natalie Mars : DVD/Blu-ray : See All Titles
This is the first and only one challenging authentic huge Bukkake of No1 T-girl in USA.

BD Package FHD
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DVD Blu-lay
Release : 23.September.2019
DVD : 70min
Blu-ray : 70min
Series : FB
FB-26 (DVD)
FBR-26 (Blu-ray)
DVD\3790 (+VAT)
BD\4743 (+VAT)
(Here is written by Natalie by her own)
One of the greatest T-girl porn stars in the world, Natalie Mars,
contacted us via Twitter to ask if we would help her fulfill her lifelong dream of shooting a Bukkake/Gokkun scene!

Natalie is very beautiful, however, we had never filmed with a trans girl before, so we weren't sure what to expect.
She will be the first to take on such a large Bukkake Challenge!

We decided to shoot an anal fisting scene with her and a girl, J-Actress Kana Amatsuki to shoot the anal fisting scene with her.
Natalie asked if her friend Mistress Hinako could be the one to do it and we were happy to have her!
Coincidentally, it was Hinako's birthday and she said it was the best birthday she ever had.

Natalie thought Kana was very cute!
American Hentai Before Prom scene Natalie and Kana

Kana is staying at Natalie's home as an exchange student. She is hungry, but all that's left to eat is bread.
Kana goes looking for Natalie to ask her where the jam is and walks in on her admiring herself in the mirror wearing nosehooks.
Natalie puts nosehooks on Kana too and they admire each other.

In addition to all of that, we also shot an anal fuck scene with Natalie and a guy.
She wore nosehooks and he fucked her ass with his hard cock until he came from the erotic feeling of her asshole.

Initially we were worried we wouldn't find enough guys for Natalie's Bukkake because we had never shot a trans girl before,
but a lot of guys were interested and many men showed up to be a part of it!
It should be no surprise, as Natalie is very beautiful.

What man could resist?
She wore nosehooks to add to her shame and Hinako tied her in rope, then all of the guys unloaded their balls all over her face,
giving her the Bukkake she'd always dreamed of! After they all dumped their huge, thick loads of cum all over her face and she was completely plastered,
Hinako fisted her ass using the cum as lube!

Natalie's Bukkake Fantasy came true and
it was everything she ever dreamed of, and more!

We're happy Natalie came to Japan.
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