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DMC-27/DMCR-27 Super Bukkake Lolita 2 Tsuna Kimura : DVD/Blu-ray : See All Titles

Release : 23.January.2015
DVD : 155min
Blu-ray : 162min
Series : DMC
DMC-27 (DVD)
DMCR-27 (Blu-ray)
DVD\8000 (+VAT)
BD\8900 (+VAT)
Here at Milky Cat, we love one pinters, but it seems the market is looking for something else.
So, Shirou decided, for now at least, to focus on less extreme cummy adventures.
Shiurou met Tsuna Kimura back in 2012.
She talked about being a real cumslut in private and how her boyfriend was also a fan of Milky Cat.
At that time she has wanted to koin us for a shoot but her management had already pushed her into the porn market.
Shirou recommended that she get accustomed to the world of regular porn before she tries something more exciting, so after a year of practice and mastery of her slutty skills she came back to us.
We decided to emphasize her cuteness by giving her a beautiful bukkake.
In her first shoot as our nose hooked cum slave (HFD-07) she enjoyed being the little cumslut she is.
By the second shoot she had graduated to one hundred guys cumming on her face to create a smooth cream of cum all over her body.
These scenes came naturally to Tsuna and she really seemed to enjoy it.
We hope you enjoy it too!
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