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DMC-26/DMCR-26 The One Pinter Lolita Semen Wedding Rin Momoi : DVD/Blu-ray : See All Titles

Release : 21.December.2013
DVD : 123min
Blu-ray : 130min
Series : DMC
DMC-26 (DVD)
DMCR-26 (Blu-ray)
DVD\8000 (+VAT)
BD\8900 (+VAT)
Shirou was a little disappointed after shooting a one pinter scene as the actress, Hikaru retired from porn soon after.
It seems the shock of downing one pint of cum was too great for her.
From an investment point of view this type of shoot can be risky, especially after the J-DVD market declined after the 2011 earthquake.
Luckily DMC25 had better sales than the previous video.
Despite this, Shirou had decided this would be the last of the one pinter scenes.
However, please check GKS-04, where Rin Momoi enjoyed swallowing a lot of cum.
This inspired Shirou to try one more one pinter scene with her as she accepted the offer.
One problem we had when shooting this scene is 150 cumshots only came to around 480~500ml so a pint glass would not look full.
So, reluctantly we had to use a standard 500ml beer glass (the Japanese equivalent of a "pint").
Despite this little misstep it was really sweet to see her saying "thank you" before attempting to drink it.
Check the video to see if she could!
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