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HFD-02/HFDR-02 Bukkake Schoolgirl with Nose Hook 360 Riku Shiina : DVD/Blu-ray : See All Titles

Release : 20.December.2008
DVD : 120min
Blu-ray : 120min
Series : HFD
HFD-02 (DVD)
HFDR-02 (Blu-ray)
DVD\4752 (+VAT)
BD\5200 (+VAT)
It really doesn't get much better than this when it comes to nose hooking a girl, especially when the girl is excited at the idea of trying to swallow cum through her nostrils.
Riku might look like a little princess, and, she is.But she is also the princess of playing with guys assholes with a fetish for lots of cum.
So it isn’t surprising to see her beg to be raped by heaps of throbbing dicks, one after another.
This is really recommended if you want to experience some great Japanese bukkake S&M.
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